Monday, December 15, 2008

Grand Opening Special

In light of the holiday season and our grand opening we are having a holiday special! These are the sale prices! Sale ends Dec. 31st!
To see the list closer.... go here

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Here is the debut of the "Kathleen" onesie! The picture does not do it justice, it's super cute up close! The onesies can also come with the first letter of your child's name (boys too!). If you'd like a specific object or shape we can definently do that as well! Fabrics choices will be up soon!

Here is the new "Emma" flower on our white nylon headband with our new pastel buttons!

In other news....
...we posted the prices in the right hand column! can also pre-order the pearls and we will get them to you asap.
...tell your friends! =)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Other Items

I forgot to show you another type of flower, it is pretty small, perfect for a newborn. It is called the "Eden" flower. It is a little different than the one shown here but it is super cute! These little flowers look great on a bobby pin or a ponytail holder!

Look for these items in the future:
   *baby pearls

We want to hear from there anything that we can do with this site to make things easier? We are new to the blog world so any advice helps!


All headbands for children will be made with nylon fabric. The ones shown here are store bought headbands. Please be patient with us as we figure out the kinks!
This flower is called the "Delaney" flower. It is a mix of different shapes. This one has black, camel and light pink felt with a clear jewel in the center. 

This headband is for the little is a hot pink headband with a black flower and a clear jewel in the center. This flower is called the "Taya" flower.

The picture at the bottom is a headband I made for myself, it is an off-white band with a brown flower that measures approx. 4x3. with a crystal button sewn in the center. I recreated the same headband for a little girl I babysit and she LOVED it. She is modeling it in the first picture. That flower has a camel, black, hot pink and giraffe print felt with a crystal button. This type of flower is called the "Josie" flower. We found naming the flowers will be easier for us to determine which one you would like.

Monday, December 8, 2008


Welcome to Sweet Pea Designs!
I'm working on taking pictures and uploading them...everything will be up and running soon!